Blue Flower

  • Admin fee: N$500 (dispute form submission);
  • Mediation: N$2,000.00 (minimum 2 hours mediation);
  • Arbitration: N$5,000.00 (minimum 5 hours arbitration);
  • The costs for any additional hours will be N$1,000.00 per hour.

To submit your dispute, please complete the online form and attach your proof of payment.

To proceed with your mediator/arbitrator of choice the full price of N$2000 or N$5000 must be paid upfront to the mediator/arbitrator to start the process. The mediator/arbitrator will request such payment directly.

Should additional time be required the mediator/arbitrator will request payment upfront for the estimated time. 

Dispute fees will not be refunded after payment received.

Cancellations after appointment of the mediator/arbitrator, such fees received will not be refunded.